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Why you should buy the website domain name for your name (Ex. yourname.com)

Kelvin Graddick ·

These days, controlling your online footprint is crucial to many aspects of your life. This "footprint" starts with your name. It's not always possible if you have a very common full name, but it's worth it to purchase the domain name for your full name if you can. Here are some reasons why you should buy the website domain name for your name.

Online resume

YourName.com is the perfect place for an online resume. In this day and age, employees are quick to perform online searches on candidates before hiring. Making sure that they find content that helps your case could be what sets you apart. Having a online resume allows you to showcase much more material and allows you to display music/video content.

Personal branding

You don't have to be a celebrity to care about personal branding. Having great personal branding can lead to people trusting you with new opportunities based on the weight your name holds. Your personal website is a great place to house information for every thing you offer and is easily searchable because the domain name is your actual name.

Protect your identity

Owning the domain for your name can prevent someone else from using it against you. If you make even a little name for yourself and don't own the domain, you can be sure that someone will buy it for cheap in order to sell it to your for a large sum. In other cases, people may use the domain to defame you or to steal your identity. If the person really happens to have your name, then unfortunately it may be tough for people to find you over them.

It's cheap

Website domain names are generally very cheap and worth the little money. They usually can be had for under 3 bucks a month; they can even be free in certain instances. IPage and GoDaddy are some of the biggest domain registrars and they make it very easy to buy and manage domains. Here's a link to get a domain at IPage; I highly recommend them.

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