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What Does Your Phone Home Screen Say About You?

Kelvin Graddick ·

No matter the flavor (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or Other), our cell phones have become deeply integrated into our lives. By now we’ve had years of practice in tweaking our phones to fit our personal tastes and the way we live. Our background images and app/widget layouts can say a lot about our style, interests, and organization

Here is a screenshot of my home screen:


  • I choose a worn-surface wood background because I liked the scratches in the wood; makes it seem like the scratches come from me swiping on the screen so much.
  • I have only one folder on the home screen and that’s for utilities like the calculator, memos, and Find iPhone. I’ve had almost the same home screen layout for years so I don’t really need a lot of folders and organization on the home page like some people.
  • I have no real order in how the icons are laid out; it’s really just laid out how I’m used to from previous phones I’ve had and I don’t remember why. I have it saved in muscle memory so it just makes life easier.
  • I like to keep the popular default Apple apps on my home screen for quick access. Most of those apps are what I usually need to be able to find in a bind “without thinking or looking”; like for calling, texting, emailing, GPS-ing, changing settings, weather, etc.
  • I have to have the social/messaging networks that I check the most (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Hangouts, YouTube) right at my fingertips for obvious reasons. Chiime is a social network that some friends and I created. Check it out on the Apple Store! (shameless plug)
  • I could probably drop Trello and Netflix from my home screen since I don’t absolute need to access them quickly whenever I do use them; I’ll probably find something else to replace them with soon.

Overall I think my home screen says that I app not really worried about being organized or having a tight-knit structure. I’m more about functionality and familiarity. I want things to be easy to use and easy on the eyes. I love to indulge in the social media life but I like it to have a balance with my work life.

What do you think about your home screen? Post a screenshot of your phone home screen on the Facebook page and let me know what it says about you. I would love to see how other organize/decorate and hear about their reasoning!

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