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The Joy In Education! by Vanessa Greenlee

Vanessa Greenlee ·

I know educators of any kind have heard these opposing lines from individuals who believe teaching is a forbidden profession, “those kids will eat you alive,” “well it definitely doesn’t pay enough,” “everyone isnt teacher material.” It’s crazy right?! I have been discouraged from the teaching field even from those individuals who ARE teachers with those same remarks as individuals who don’t have a clue as to what teaching is all about. So, in this blog post, I will give reasons as to why teaching is a great profession and the specific reasons as to why its the profession for me. 

 The Perks of Teaching 

1. Being a teacher allows you to be a life long learner. Each day is a new experience and I feel that I learn almost as much from my students as they learn from me. I know for myself, I get overjoyed to see students light up when they learn something new! And when I’m creating lesson plans it gives me the opportunity to learn so much about how my students learn best. 

 2. Your job will never be boring. Each day, week, and year is different from the last. Your students are always changing and you get to watch them learn and grow. And personally, Lord knows I get bored SUPER easily. 

 3. When you truly love you subject manner it is wonderful to get to experience it on a deep and personal level every single day. For example, there are many titles that I have had to read and re-read with classes, but almost every time I read them, I learn something new. Students often give you a fresh perspective on things. Even though my profession is special education, I know the experience will be challenging, yet similar. 

 4. I can not say that weekends, holidays, and summers off are not one of our many benefits. Those who say it isn’t a benefit are usually not being 100% honest. I can tell you that many of those hours will be spent working, but it is nice to have them. Definitely! We all need a break lol. 

 5. KIDS!! Yes, I know it is cliche’, but I love them. Kids are far less harsh and judgemental than adults. They are more forgiving (usually) and they often forget your errors or misgivings. I want to become a teacher because I love to read and write and want to share my love for books with kids. I love helping kids see that they can become whatever it is that they dream of. I love that it constantly changes. For example, one of my nephews was recently placed in Special Education due to struggles with speech and reading. I remember times of helping him with his homework (reading and speech), he felt he couldn’t do it. “Auntie, this is too hard,” and that broke my heart. But I told him, “baby you are so bright, and yes you can. You can do anything you want to do.” And I loved to see his whole expression change when I told him that. He had whole new level of confidence that made him want to try. And because he knew that I was genuine and passionate about helping him, he learned to read and he’s gradually improving in speech. 

 Like just writing this post gives me an overwhelming joy in the inside, something that’s so indescribable. Furthermore, I’m not saying that teaching won’t be challenging, but when you know in your heart that its the right profession, you won’t be discouraged. 


 I’ve had a passion for teaching and helping children ever since I was a child. I feel that teaching gives you the opportunity to pour your soul into the lives of students who may not get proper teaching at home. I know so many people who’ve settled for teaching because they couldn’t find jobs to suit their career goals, but teaching is more than just a job to get by. The lives of so many young individuals are in your hands. And no matter how hard headed, disrespectful, and inattentive they may seem, one of those students is willing to learn….but thats another subject. 

 Overall, teaching to me is what I KNOW I’m meant to do. I get an overwhelming peace just thinking about it. Although its something I’m still working towards, I know it’ll be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Money definitely doesn’t matter when you’re fulfilling your passion. I believe once you step into the right profession, everything will fall into place with much desire and perseverance. I can go days on end about teaching, but to keep it short and to the point, I hope this blog post has helped someone who has been discouraged from teaching, and encourage you to get out there and do what you love!

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