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How to create bill reminders in iOS with the Reminders app

Kelvin Graddick ·

Forgetting to pay a bill on time is inevitable. Yes, there are auto-pay options but a lot of people still prefer to pay their bills manually. Keeping track of when/how to pay can get tough. There are hundreds of third-party iOS apps competing for that space on your phone to help out with that. But why download and learn a new app when there's a built-in option that can auto-sync accoss your devices? Queue the iOS Reminders app.

Step 1: Create new list 

Create an iOS Reminders list

  • Open the Reminders app
  • Tap the '+' button in the top right corner
  • Select 'List' from the options (also select an account if multiple accounts exist)

Step 2: Edit the new list 

Edit an iOS Reminders list

  • Enter a name for the new list
  • Select a color for the new list
  • Tap the ‘Done’ button to save the new list

Step 3: Create a bill reminder

Create an iOS bill reminder

  • Tap the ‘+’ button in the first row of the list
  • Enter a name for the bill
  • Tap the ‘i’ button to edit the reminder

Step 4: Edit the new reminder

Edit an iOS bill reminder

  • Toggle the ‘Remind me on a day’ option to ON
  • Select the bill due date in the ‘Alarm’ section
  • Select ‘Monthly’ in the ‘Repeat’ section so that the reminder repeats on this date every month
  • Select ‘Never’ in the ‘End Repeat’ section so the reminder repeats forever
  • [Optional] Select a priority
  • Enter any details about the bill in the ‘Notes’ section (ex. payment URL, account information)
  • Tap ‘Done’ in the top right corner to save the reminder

Step 5: Clear the reminder once the bill is paid

Clear an iOS bill reminder Updated iOS bill reminder

  • Tap the circle next to the reminder to clear the reminder
  • After a few moments (or once the app is reloaded) the reminder for next month will appear

Step 6: Repeat for all of your bills!

  • Add a reminder for all of your bills
  • Once you complete a reminder, next month’s reminder is automatically created!

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