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What are some of the most drastic changes you’ve made to make a relationship work?

Kelvin Graddick and Vanessa Greenlee ·

“A lot of times in relationships, mind you I'm speaking from a woman's view, we compromise....so much! We are more than likely to try and be what we're not in order to try and get a man to like us, especially if we're really interested in them. We may wear our hair differently, change the way we dress, and even try to change our personalities. Crazy right? But for a lot of women it true. Trust me, I can definitely say I was that woman. 

“I didn't like to wear my own hair, because the guy I was dating said he didn't like it. I wasn't aware at the time that I was slightly under control, but when I came  to myself, I was. And anyone who knows me, knows I love bright, happy colors, but when I was with him, I felt I could only wear neutral, boring colors just to fit his style. I was mentally and physically in bondage, but I loved him so much, I didn't care. I was willing to make sacrifices for him and change myself completely. But our break up allowed me time to realize how different I had become. My friends would tell me that often, but I didn't listen.“


“I’ve never considered myself an expert with money, but I’ve been pretty good with it over the years. However, in a few of my past relationships (and a few attempted relationships) I found myself spending stupidly. It wasn’t even because I was asked for it; I just genuinely wanted too. I basically ignored every instinct I had about spending in order to show that I 'cared'. The things I bought never mattered long-term and was mostly on things the girl didn’t really want/need anyway :/”

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