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5 Tips That Will Get You Back In The Gym And Keep You There

Kelvin Graddick ·
Let's face it; getting back in the gym is hard but working out consistently is even harder. Here are some tips and tricks to help in that process.

1. Set your cell phone background to a picture that reminds you that you have fitness goals

We look at our phones a million times a day. Constant reminders of where you want to be goes a long way in helping you to stay on track. Try setting a picture of you at an undesirable fitness level or an info graphic. Remember to switch the photo weekly so that you won't get used to it!

2. Find a friend to work out with

Having someone to work out with keeps you from feeling like your working alone. They also can peer pressure you into going to the gym on those days where your trying to skip. Be sure to find someone who's dedicated though!

3. Set a routine and add alerts to you phone 

Working out is hard but doing it consistently is harder. Create a routine so that your mind and body are trained to go. Then it won't be so hard to move when it's gym time. 

4. Create a week-by-week photo album of workout selfies

There's no better encouragement than seeing actual results. A week-by-week comparison can show you how far you've come and that what you are doing is paying off well. 

5. When you start getting results wear clothes that show them off.

It's a great feeling when people notice your improvement. When appropriate and tasteful, wear outfits to show that you've been working. If you always wear clothes that hide everything then you miss those encouraging remarks that help keep you motivated.

Let me know what your tip and tricks are for getting in the gym!
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