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5 Things That We Shouldn’t Waste Energy Worrying About

Kelvin Graddick ·

Let’s face it, we have to worry about some things. The “no worries” mindset only applies to songs and movies. “Hakuna Matata” could lead us to a miserable life if we neglect the important things. However, there are many things that are just not worth worrying about. Here’s a list of things that we can stop worrying about and save that energy on the important stuff:

1. Worrying about what happened in the past
This is probably the most important one. Why? We can do absolutely nothing about it. Learning from our mistakes is one thing, but making ourselves miserable over it is another.

2. Worrying about what someone else has
Worrying about what someone else has and why we don’t have it is detrimental. For one, we don’t know what the reason is behind them having it; it may not be what we think. Secondly, the real worry we should have is what should we be doing to put ourselves in a position to get what we want.

3. Worrying about having the last laugh
We sometimes drive ourselves crazy worrying about how to get back at people and not letting them think that they won. This is wasted energy for an outcome that never leads to any long-term satisfaction.

4. Worrying about a potential problem
It’s a hard thing to do, but we should stop worrying about potential problems and instead prepare ourselves the best we can. That way, it’s easier not to worry because you’ve done everything you can and the rest is out of your hands. The thing we are worrying about might not even turn out to be a problem or as big as we thought.

5. Worrying about finding ’The One’
Hopefully, our lives will be long and healthy giving us plenty of time and plenty of people to meet. Worrying about finding that special one everyday can backfire on us, make us weird/needy, and push people away.  We should just relax and enjoy life; if we do that soon someone will want to share it with us.

Worry less and save some of that energy! 

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